Lucky Pond Dragon

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Lucky Dragon Pond

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This adorable scene as a sweet dragon sitting on the side of a wishing pond. Joined by a floating caterpillar on a lily pad.

The dragon is made of a sky blue with a hint of purple polymer clay. Scales and ears are mostly purple with white clay, some other colors are there but to small to really impact much. Wings are made of iridescence artist plastic and purple wires Giving off a blueish/purplish color and purple was airbrushed on the tips (slightly bendable but I don't suggest much movement). Topped off with big green curious eyes, and a drip of water falling from an ear.
The pond is filled with water (aka:resin) and has a coins already tossed in it as wishes. One small lily pad and caterpillar are floating on the top of the water (not removable).
I did not make the actual pond, but it seems to be of plaster and then painted with plants and dirt.

It is about 3" high and 4 x 5" in size

ALL MY DRAGONS ARE ONE OF A once gone they are gone!
**Due to my dragons being listed in multiple areas, if you make a purchase and it turns out it was also purchased somewhere else, I will make a custom dragon of your liking.**

I love custom orders or any suggestions on my next feel free to contact me :)

I will ship outside the USA just ask me for the shipping (for the prices are changing all the time).

THANKS for looking!