King of the Land Dragon - OOAK ELEMENTAL DRAGONS

$ 35.99

King of the Land Dragon is ready for a home to defend.....from what we don't know but he is ready!


King dragon is 3 1/2" long from tail tip to nose tip (with wings its more like 4") and about 2" tall (to top of wings). Made of a mix of gold and tan polymer clay, for a somewhat shimmery golden tan color. . Scales and ears are silver, black, white and translucent clay. Wings are made of artist plastic and wire and are a golden blueish iridescent hue with browns and yellow color airbrushed on the tips (slightly pose able). And big blue eyes.
With a metal crown and an ax made for a king, he is ready for whatever comes his way.

ALL MY DRAGONS ARE ONE OF A once gone they are gone!
**Due to my dragons being listed in multiple areas, if you make a purchase and it turns out it was also purchased somewhere else, It will become a first bought first get situation and the second purchaser I will make a custom dragon of your liking.**

Any Elemental Dragon made by my hand will have a Elemental Dragons stamp on it's foot. I only say this for I do sell my tutorial on how to make them, so to assure you that it is one from the "original" Elemental Dragon!

I love custom orders or any suggestions on my next feel free to contact me :)

I will ship outside the USA just ask me for the shipping (for the prices are changing all the time).

THANKS for looking!