How to make my WINGS - PDF tutorial

$ 9.50

This is a 14 page step-by-step tutorial on how to make my Elemental Dragon's wings (which could be used on any other "creature").

Why my wings you ask??

Well I don't use any glue, so there is no drying time. Most wings on the market right now, can take days to make, where mine takes an hour or so.
And if I might say....I personally just LOVE the way they look :)

**This is for the Wings only and NOT the dragon (I do sell just the dragon tutorial and a combo of both in a different listing)

I do sell the fantasy film here also!!

ETSY should automatically send you a link for the PDF as soon as payment is made. If you have any problems with this....PLEASE just mail me!

I ask you from one artist to another please do not purchase this and then make copies. Feel free to tell your friends about it, so they may purchase their own copy :)
Just remember KARMA!

THANKS and have fun!!