Chocolate Lover Dragon!

$ 35.99

With this little one around NO chocolate is safe!

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Chocolate Lover dragon is 3" long from tail tip to wing tip and about 2 1/4" tall (to top of wings). Made of a dull lime green with pearl mixed in for a touch of shimmer colored polymer clay . Scales and ears are black, white, with a gradient from purple to pink on the insides. Wings are made of artist plastic and wire and are a golden blue iridescent hue with purple and black color airbrushed on the tips (slightly pose able). Olive green eyes.
The chocolate that is currently being eaten is also made from polymer clay by my hands (guaranteed not to melt......)

ALL MY DRAGONS ARE ONE OF A once gone they are gone!
**Due to my dragons being listed in multiple areas, if you make a purchase and it turns out it was also purchased somewhere else, It will become a first bought first get situation and the second purchaser I will make a custom dragon of your liking.**

Any Elemental Dragon made by my hand will have a Elemental Dragons stamp on it's foot. I only say this for I do sell my tutorial on how to make them, so to assure you that it is one from the "original" Elemental Dragon!

I love custom orders or any suggestions on my next feel free to contact me :)

I will ship outside the USA just ask me for the shipping (for the prices are changing all the time).

THANKS for looking!