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$ 11.99

These adorable little critters are called Tree Huggers.

Their story is that they love the trees in the Elemental Forrest so much that they hug them very tight to protect them. In turn these little creatures start to look like the bark of the tree they are hugging.


All are handmade by myself with no molds ever used ( and are stamped with the Elemental Dragons mark on the bottom)! I made these from light polymer clay and then hand carved, so everyone of them are different, with different faces and attitudes. They are painted with many layers of both acrylic and alcohol paints, to give them layers. Big black (bead) eyes.

They range about 1" to 2 1/2" tall with about a 1 1/2" base.
What little Tree Hugger will you get, who knows?!?!?! But they are all cute!

These little critters are pretty durable but they are not meant to be a toy, or for children that may try to eat them, YUCK!

*** These are made at the time of order....PLEASE allow few days extra for this***

I will ship anywhere around the world, just tell me where and I will get shipping price for you.