Dragons and such.....

Dragon of your own- Custom made Elemental Dragon

$ 38.99

This is for one Elemental Dragons that you want to create. Look thru all of my dragons sold and not sold to see my style. Then in the comments of the order form or thru an e-mail to me tell me what you want.....


Color of your Dragon (solid or swirled), you can have things mixed into the clay (herbs, cinnamon, glitter, coffee, what ever you want) each additive will change the feel, texture, color and smell of the dragon. I will tell you if something you chose will not work. Choose the color of the scales and ears, the same rules as with the dragons body.

Color of the wire (black, brown, red, gold, silver, green are the most popular) and wings.

You can choose what your dragons is holding. My older style dragons all carry staffs with a crystal, but in more recent times I have made teddy bears, frogs, butterfly, flowers, a personalized heart or stone with a name on it, really anything that I have or can create from clay.

As for the face.....the expressions all come from the eyes and eye brows and sometimes they don't turn out how you had them planned so I sure can try to make them happy, sad, angry, shy etc. but it is kinda up to your dragon to decide this part.

I can make them a little bit smaller or bigger than my usual size of about 2" tall and 2 1/2" long. Just tell me!

Once you purchase a custom made dragon I will get to making it asap and once done (about 3 days) I will send photos of your dragon if you like it, then I will send off to it's new home. If you don't like it I will try once more for you and if that one still is not to your liking then I will refund $5 of the purchase price and you can choose a Dragon that is up for adoption in either of my stores for the remaining money.