Dragons and such.....

Baby Dragons - Ready for Adoption 3

$ 64.99

This little baby dragon is ready for adoption and finding her forever home.

She is 100% handmade by my hand from polymer clay and layers of different paints to get the more natural look of layers, and a bit dirty for she is a playful little girl. She is about 1.5 inches high, about 2 inches in length and about 1.5 inches wide. She is mainly a green color with shades of brown and big brown eyes. Her wing buds have a touch of iridescent shimmer to them.

She will come with a painted wooden play pen, fluff, pillow, blanket AND all my dragons get to pick a friend to take with them for comfort (these vary on what they want, but will be a little critter handmade by me).

This listing is for only one dragon (the one in the primary photo) the photo of multiple dragons are the rest of the litter and may or may not be still available for adoption. If you want more than one PLEASE contact me and I will give you a special adoption fee.

These little ones are not meant to be a toy or played with. They are more of a collectible knick knack to be enjoyed by visually bringing you many smiles!